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For a lot more info, see the full clarification of the . Italics When giving italic words and phrases that are in parentheses, be very careful not to italicize the parentheses by themselves. So you would enter( pramāṇa), not (pramāṇa).

Endnotes/Footnotes Unfortunately, there is no automated way to properly build endnotes or footnotes. Having said that if you want them, there is a manual way to do so.

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Unfortunately, this technique does not instantly resequence the footnote numbering, so that if you afterwards increase a footnote in the middle, then all your numbering will be off. At existing, we can only provide two methods to this: go by way of and manually renumber all footnotes in equally the entire body of the essay and in the notes segment at the base. This is the best solution, but actually only functional if you just have a pair of footnotes. Normally it is very tedious.

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Inserting new notesif you insert a new note immediately after, for example, footnote two in a document that already has a lot of footnotes, simply call the new be aware “2a” so that you do not have to renumber all the subsequent footnotes. Here are the recommendations for manually inserting footnotes into your doc: Click the Edit button to edit the description In the abundant textual content editor toolbar, click on on the “HTML” button, which is at the suitable stop of the prime row. This will open up a new window demonstrating the description with the HTML markup.

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Do not be alarmed by all the angle brackets! Go to the position in the textual content where you want editorial book reviews thesis editing EditGiant.com to insert the footnote. Insertone, wherever “1” signifies the footnote number Do this for all the footnotes in the human body of the text, substituting the ideal note amount. For case in point, for take note twotwo Then soon after the close of the text, insert a line that claims


Then you need to have to insert the corresponding footnote reference in the footnote segment, which begins right immediately after the “Notes” header For footnote one, insert

1 INSERT Listed here THE True Textual content OF THE FOOTNOTE

Do this for all the footnotes in the footnote section, substituting the proper take note quantity.

For illustration, for be aware 2


Click the “Update” button at the bottom of the html editor window. This will consider you back again to the WYSIWYG editor window.

Click on the “Update” bottom for that window. If the description you just edited is not open up, open up it by clicking on the moreover indication subsequent to it Test to make positive when you click on on the footnote selection in the body of the text it jumps to the footnote by itself, and when you click on on the footnote quantity in the footnote it jumps to the footnote in the body of the textual content. Do this for each and every footnote to make sure they all get the job done. If you are intrigued in an clarification of the HTML markupthe theory is that in an tag, the price of the name attribute is an anchor stage when you develop one more tag with the attribute href=.

benefit of a title aspect in one more tag”, it makes a url to the tag with the title factor you specified after the . Endnotes/Footnotes with Microsoft Word

When you paste text into the WYSIWYG editor from a Phrase document, you can paste in footnotes also.

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